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23 May 2014 Written by
Selecting projects to commit to is always a delicate proposition. The needs far exceed our capabilities as a singular organisation. This is why we continually seek to develop alliances and relationships with other groups. In the event that we are presented with worthy projects which exceed our own capabilities to manage (which is often the case), we can spearhead an effort to bring together resources and ‘know how’, from private companies and other groups such as foundations, mission groups and various other private sources and sometimes even government. Once the ‘know how’ and materials are available, then the ‘funding’ issue comes up. This is where we draw on the business experience of the PCF Executive Team to try and come up with sound, yet creative methods of generating the necessary capital to accomplish the goals. Your support is so important on this issue, not only in making a donation or contribution, but in helping us spread the word to others who are in a position to participate as well. 
As we try to grow and expand our capabilities, our fundamental effort in this regard is to establish a growing base of monthly supporters who can contribute $25, $50 $100 a month or more.

Perhaps you know business owners or executives who would consider participating in our CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP program to help us build this base, and make a real difference in peoples’ lives here.

We are all God’s children and God knows no borders! Help us spread the word! Below are some of the projects currently underway or coming soon!
La Cresta Church

PCF was the primary contributor to help Pastor Domingo build his new church in La Cresta, Panama which is just outside of Chame (near Playa Coronado). We helped provide the funds and manpower to lay the foundation, put up the frame and roof and give the fine people in La Cresta a new house of worship. See photos above.
Espave School Clean Up

The public school of Espave asked us to assist in a ‘clean up’ day. We just so happened to have a mission team of students visiting from the states. Our team spent the day paining, cleaning up, cooking lunch for all the kids, and doing some landscaping outside to plant a variety of flowers and bushes. The students of the school participated and everyone took great pride in their ‘new school’ when the beautification was complete!
Bejuco Sports Complex
The FC PCF practices and helps administer the sports complex in Bejuco. We routinely bring in specially prepared trash cans, bring in volunteers to pick up litter, keep the outdoor basketball court scrubbed down so it’s clean and a wide variety of maintenance duties.

Christmas Joy Campaign
Every year we start collecting clothes and toys for the poor families in the area and we bring those with us to our planned Christmas parties in the local schools. Last year we did 3 big events. One each in: Filipina, Manglarito and Rio Bajo in our area. Each of these schools is in a remote mountain area and are very, very poor.
Sports Scholarship Program
This year we are embarking on a very aggressive program to provide scholarships to poor kids in the interior of Panama. The scholarship will allow the selected student athletes to attend our camp facilities and live there for 5 days a week where they will get quality education, futbol practice, medical and all necessary services, plus play in a competitive league and be an example of the ‘PCF SEARCH FOR EXCELLENCE’ in our youth!

Handicapped Assistance
Sadly, we have had to turn down several requests to come to the aid of accident victims or victims of disease who are not able to go out and work. Given enough resources, we would like to teach these people how to use the internet to help develop and support the PCF programs where they could earn a living for themselves from home. We will need help to support this. 
Rainy Season Roofing Projects
If you don’t live in Panama, you would be shocked at the condition of many of the ‘homes’ people live in here. The rainy season brings some heavy rain and when it leaks into your home where you can’t keep things dry, well, think about how you would feel.

From experience, it would be a safe bet to say that nearly 20% of all homes in the rural areas have some serious problems when it comes to keeping out the rain. Usually, the roof is nothing more than corrugated zinc sheets nailed to a wood or concrete block structure. Many local people build their own homes as they can afford it, concrete block by concrete block, 1, 5, 10 at a time. Thus, professional building standards and code simply don’t exist for private housing in the rural areas.
We will need to develop a special fund for this activity. We have the contractors ready to give us special rate to do this kind of work.


23 May 2014 Written by
Panama has a passion for ‘futbol’! PCF has a passion for Panama. Therefore the equation is simple: PCF + Futbol = Panama! Or put another way, through sports of all kinds, we can reach the youth and give them support, guidance, discipline and an organised program which they can benefit from.
Crime is a serious problem in Panama and is growing. The simple fact is, that in the interior of Panama, there are few, if any, resources to give these kids something constructive to do! There is literally nothing for them to do other than get caught up in gangs and criminal activity. It’s a serious socio-economic problem.
PCF is not going to change the situation. But, with whatever resources we can muster, we can build programs, teams, coaching, adult leadership and mentoring and get involved in the lives of the few kids we can touch and work with. We measure success not across the board, but one precious soul at a time. One by one.
PCF currently has full time coaches working with teams at several levels and age brackets. Our Futbol Club (FC) PCF is a well organised team which is responding very well to our instruction and guidance. FC PCF is registered in the national sports association PanDeportes.
We’ve had to dismiss three of our best players already this year because they could not conform to our code of conduct and value system. Our value system and ‘the team’ are more valuable than the ego of any single player with a bad attitude or conduct. This is one of many important messages our players are learning. Those dismissed players have been replaced and are now coming back asking for reinstatement with a little more humility and willingness to live by our values which we do not compromise for any player. Message received.
In addition to FC PCF, we hold an ongoing Soccer Camp for kids from ages 3 to 15 and are developing players and teams in the age groups of 15 and under and 13 and under.
This year we are initiating our SPORTS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM whereby we will arrange for living quarters, education, medical services, practice facilities, coaching and organised league play in one central ‘camp’. We will seek scholarship candidates who excel in school and in sports from the interior of Panama where resources and opportunities simply do not exist. We will bring in selected scholarship recipients to live in the camp 5 days a week where we will work with them for school and practice 24 hours a day. The scholarship will provide for transportation back home once a week to spend time with family.
We feel that this will be a tremendously important program which will shape the lives of all who participate. We need your help! Please consider being a monthly partner with us on this project.
We have several videos of our ‘futbol’ team on the PCF Panama YouTube channel. You might enjoy them! 
Will you help us? We realise not everyone has financial means to support. But you can help by joining our Facebook page and sharing our activity there. Help us spread the word with the people and groups you know. There is a lot you can do in addition to helping with finances. If you can however, support us with $25 a month or more, please do. Click Here


05 May 2014 Written by
When you discover that in the rural schools the ANNUAL budget per student FOR ALL SERVICES AND MATERIALS is $20 (no, that’s not a typo!), it’s a pretty safe bet to say that there are ‘some gaps’ in the educational opportunities in Panama. Nowhere does this reflect more glaringly than in the job market. Employers everywhere are simply fit to be tied as they try to deal with not only cultural challenges but equally and often more so, serious educational deficiencies. Numerous large companies have passed Panama up as a regional headquarters in Latin America because of this. The lost job opportunities are innumerable. Yet the Panama economy is one of the most stable and fastest growing in the world. The educational gap has forced the government to create incentives to bring in foreign workers through some very attractive and easily obtainable immigration programs geared to foreigners.  
What this means, is that the Panamanians are being left behind in the growing economy and the cycle of poverty continues unabated. There is no greater need in Panama than sound education. PCF is working to fill the gap. Here are some of the programs we are currently offering:
- The PCF ‘Professionalism’ course
- English classes for all levels
- Spanish classes for foreigners
- Music and Art classes
- Panama History
- Customer Service
- Job training
- More, see below… 
PCF is also working in alliance with the educational training foundation called FUNDADER and INADEH which is a national government job training organisation. Through our relationships with these organisations, which are already well founded in their educational resources, we can use our training facility for them to use as an ‘annex’ for their programs and give them a better reach to our local people. It also gives our local people better access to more educational opportunities.
We find that the biggest reason for ‘culture clash’ between foreign born and educated employers and the local labor force is due to a serious lack of training in basic values and work ethic. Without a common value system between employer and employee, the only possible result is conflict and disappointment which is not good for a ‘career’ of advancement, nor is it good for productivity in any business.
The PCF PROFESSIONALISM course is taught in three, 2 hour sessions. In these sessions we drill on how the employee needs to ‘Add Value’ to his employer by demonstrating through his behavior and performance that his values include:
- Responsibility
- How to properly show respect to others as well as oneself
- Punctuality
- Team Player
- Good Listener
- Can follow instructions
- Does more than expected, whatever is needed, not just what he is asked to do.
- How a ‘Professional’ is different from anybody on the street
- How to set goals, mark progress, make adjustments and succeed
- How to present oneself properly
- Professional etiquette
- Keeping himself organised
- How to prepare a proper Resume (C.V.) and business card
- How to conduct an interview
- and much more….


PCF offers a certificate to graduates of the class. If they are late to one class, they have to repeat the entire session to get the certificate. If they miss a session, they have to start over from the beginning to get the certificate. With the certificate, employers know that this person has achieved something above the ordinary and this in itself sets the candidate apart from others who may be competing for the job.

Once in the job, the values instilled will hopefully bear fruit and lead to a happy and productive employer/employee relationship. As you might imagine, this is not ‘light duty’. It requires infrastructure, staff and facilities to maintain not to mention high energy to lead and initiate. To succeed in this effort we are seeking corporate sponsorships to allow us to build on the base of operations which is already established.

You can help Panamanians move forward and benefit from the growing economy with enhanced education for life! Be a part! Look at our Corporate Sponsorship opportunities. Click Here


05 May 2014 Written by
Coronado Community Center (CCC)

PCF has created the CCC as an ‘all in one’ community outreach program.  The CCC is an entirely unique entity with a beautiful facility to be used by the entire community for training and education, social events, private events, meetings, group fundraisers, etc.  

The CCC is a community focal point and it is our hope to breed a heightened ‘sense of community’ among all those who use it and who live in the area.  

It is currently being used for: English Classes, Spanish Classes, Music lessons, Yoga, Job Training, Wine Tasting and social events.  What would you like to use it for? The CCC has its own website. For more information, click here.
La Cresta Comedor

PCF works with a church in La Cresta, which is in the Chame area. Many of the people in this area are desperately poor, yet carry on in life with good cheer. Once a week, PCF sponsors a ‘comedor’ (dining room) where the ladies in the church prepare a full and hearty meal for up to 60 local children and their families. Along with the food, the church leads the kids in some singing and games and of course a good bible lesson to fill the needs of the soul. This work is one of the most rewarding that there is. The kids have a great attitude, are open to learn and the field is very fertile to bear good fruit from a very positive activity!

We can do more of these with your help. Please consider being a monthly supporter.
Community Health

Through an alliance with GLOBAL BRIGADES medical teams, PCF is working to identify areas which don’t have access to good health care and dental care services. We can identify a proper location to bring in GLOBAL BRIGADES to set up a mobile clinic where they can provide medical consultation, simple diagnosis, free prescriptions and referrals for more complicated matters. In addition to the general medical services, they also set up a dental clinic to provide the people services which, in many cases, they have ‘never’ had before! This is a powerful program having tremendous impact on a local area. 
Working with school children

PCF has been fortunate to have an open invitation to interact with the school children in a variety of local public schools. Our mission team arrives with a lesson plan to teach sound biblical principles to live by. We usually do a fun video, sing and play a couple of games in the classroom and then often move outside for physical activities and fun and then some lunch and treats. 
Working with the handicapped

There is a school in Penonome which we’ve worked with, which deals with handicapped children. We’ve made several trips to help them and work with them in various ways. One project included helping to make school desks and paint them in a special way to help the kids learn numbers and the alphabet. The desks will keep working long after we’ve left!


PCF started out in 2013 working almost exclusively with a home for orphaned boys. There were about 12 kids ranging in age from 6-16. We arranged activities for the boys and did what we could to provide for them in various ways. The kids were precious and so warm its very difficult avoid getting wrapped up emotionally in each personal case. This is a desperate need in Panama and PCF is looking for more ways and resources to attend to this need.
Working with the elderly

Through our work with the school children, we met an elderly 107 year old woman who was a shut-in, in a remote mountain region. Her name is Josephina. She had a large cancerous tumor the size of a golf ball, hanging from skin over her right eye. She kept it tucked in her eye socket under a paper patch she had taped to her face. She had no money for treatment and really had no means to even go down into the city to even have anyone look at her. She was living with this for quite some time.

A long story short, we arranged for her transport and one of our supporters agreed to pay a discounted doctor bill to have the growth removed. Josephina was returned home completely recovered and renewed from this problem as a result of our work with the kids.

There are virtually no services in Panama to aid the elderly and shut ins. Those who do have family around them, have little to no resources to be of much help. PCF is working to develop special teams to aid and assist the elderly with their daily needs and special needs as they arise. We cannot do this without your help! Please ‘Join the PCF Team’ and consider being a monthly contributor and/or volunteer!
Job Training

PCF is very active in providing job training for the young adults in the area. This is elaborated in more detail on the ‘Education’ page of this website.


As you can see, the needs are endless. We can make a real difference in peoples’ lives and it often doesn’t take much to make a real difference for one person, one family or even one area. We need help! Help us spread the word. Share our information with others. Talk about it. Join us on Facebook. Volunteer. Be a monthly contributor! Together we will share God’s blessings and bring all the glory to HIM!!