Internet Income

How Would You Like Me to Personally Create a Plan For You,

which would Help Take Care of your Family for Life…

Allow You to do Some Serious ‘Kingdom Building’ Helping Others in Your Community or
Around the World, all for the Glory and in the Name of Jesus?

I would only do this for you…

…for Free!


From the Desk of:  
Mark B. - Founder PCF
Panama City, Panama

Dear Friend,

If you and your family need financial help…
If your church, mission or project needs funding…
If your business needs more traffic, customers and cash flow…  We need to talk!

What would you do with your life
if you didn’t have to worry about money?

Imagine for a moment how you would feel, if your family’s needs were already well taken care of financially and you had the luxury of being able to share your heart and time and additional funds to help the needy in your community and around the world.  If you work with children you know the smiles and love they give.  They appreciate it, they appreciate you, and when everyone goes home, they know the blessings they’ve received all came from Jesus!  … but YOU were the angel which delivered them!  Events like this are what make life worth living!

You know what I’m talking about, because you’ve done this for your own kids and had similar experiences.  You know the feeling.  Think about doing this for 200 little angels when they are shrieking with joy, love and laughter, all of which you have brought to them!   How would you feel?  

Think about getting the people in your community together who are homeless, neglected, abandoned, hungry, sick, unkempt and having a hand in taking care of them and tending to their needs.  When they look into your eyes they see the love and give it back,  all to the glory of Jesus Christ!

You’ve been in a nursing home and have walked past nearly dysfunctional, abandoned elderly folks who, when they see you, a total stranger, a new face, their eyes just light up and their smile sparkles like the stars, just from getting your glance and a smile!  Nothing can replace this feeling. There is nothing like it.

But you can’t do this the way you’d like to right now, all due to your life’s current limitations, right?   

Right Now You’re Probably Stuck
on One of These Things:


You need more time

You’re stuck on the treadmill just trying to survive or manage your business!  Between your job and your family, you don’t even have time for yourself do you?  When is the last time you did something nice for yourself?  You have too many responsibilities and not enough time to manage everything, let alone indulge in a few personal luxuries.  You need a plan to give you the freedom to manage your own time, to meet your needs with less stress…


You need more funds.

Even if you had some extra time, you don’t have the funds you need for important projects.  As a head of household, or pastor, or group project administrator, things are so tight you have a hard time seeing the BIG Picture because your nose is down trying to figure out the next step ahead of you that your 'Vision' is not in focus.  You’re treading water financially and barely keeping your nose above water level with some big waves on the horizon!    

You choose not to think about the future because it just depresses you when you can barely manage things for today.   Your retirement account or project budget is nothing to count on and your current plan/job/business just is not getting you where you need to be, is it?

I want to help you create a plan to put you well into ‘surplus’ so you can recapture THE VISION of YOUR MISSION and be able to help others as well as yourself and your family or organization.


You want to get more activity flowing into your existing business or project 
so you can take the pressure off and move to the next level.


You've already put in a serious effort to your existing business or operation and don't want to deviate, but you need to take it to the next level and get off the launching pad once and for all. You need The RIGHT people, who are thrilled to work with you, who understand your value, and who see you as the “Rolls Royce” of your industry...

Which of those 3 sounds more like you?

There is Good News


Whichever it is, I can craft a plan to help you make it a reality….

…and I’ll do it for FREE.

Why Free?  Because I’m in the Kingdom Building business and if you want to execute the plan I come up with for you, you are going to need to keep your money for your own business and to execute your own plan.  I operate on the principle that if I can help enough people get what they want, I’ll have everything I need without any problem in the end.  I wish the world could adopt the idea that we all should ‘give’ first in order to ‘receive’ later.

This is a plan I am willing to help create for you and to help you implement to meet your life goals and God’s plan for your life.  

I don’t pretend to know what God’s plan is for your life, but I DO KNOW ONE THING:   If you had the time and funding, you’d be in position to follow that plan from a much stronger position, whatever it is…. am I right?

That’s where I come in…

Who am I?

I am the founder of PCF.  I've been living free as a child of God for 25 years and thankfully have been unemployed the entire time!  I work to support my mission in life, my passion and that is sharing God's blessings with others.  I support my efforts and PCF from various internet businesses I've built over the years.  Have a look at what PCF has done in a short time.  We've done a lot!  Our community outrreach far surpasses what many organized and well established 'churches' and other missions have done over a much longer period.  I don't say that out of pride, but rather to establish our track record of success and the effectiveness of our model.  

PCF has accomplished a lot in a very short time.  We’ve become internationally recognized with our unique model (See ‘Founders Message’ on home page), we’ve worked with hundreds of young children and adults in all kinds of activities and have set a new standard in our local area.  We are now branching out internationally and this is made possible from our ‘business model’.

How did I accomplish all of this in such a short time?  Am I special?  No.


I Know Hard Times and I Know Victory!

I’ve been homeless before, alternating nights sleeping either  in a spare bunkbed in the bedroom of my friend’s 9 year old son, or the YMCA where I could go for $10 a night.

I’ve lost everything in my life 3 separate times.  That means; no income, no car, no home, no bank accounts or cash reserves and little more than a suitcase to carry around my worldly belongings.  It happened once was after I was thrown in prison for fighting for truth and justice and my government was not.  

Another wipe out was to an ex wife whom I trusted way too much and had her too involved in my business and personal affairs.  She stole my entire life from me, including my home, car, properties, bank accounts, business and even my dogs (which was the worst part!)  and ruined 10 years of hard work building an international financial business.  

I’ve been there and done that!  I’ve been ‘down’ like nobody’s business.  I know what ‘being down’ is better than anybody.  I’ll tell you what, it stinks!

On the other hand, I have used the same methods each and every time to rise from the ashes and create success once again.  On the bright side, I’ve travelled the world and have lived on 3 continents.  I speak 3 languages. I’ve had businesses in Hong Kong, Sweden, Costa Rica, Delaware, Asia Minor, Colorado, Illinois and South America.   I’ve chartered 100’ luxury yachts for parties with tuxedoed waiters.  I’ve hosted international conferences where clients would come to Central America from Australia, the USA, the U.K., Holland, Canada, South Africa and other locations to meet, learn, make plans and have fun!  

So I know the sunny side of life as well.  I’ve seen it all and done quite a bit.  I’ve been down several times, and I’ve gotten up again each time, all with the same formula which I’d be willing to teach you.

To answer the question of how I created and supported the foundation and all of its ‘Kingdom Building’ activities…

I created an internet based business vehicle to take care of not only my own personal needs,  but also to have enough left over to do some serious Kingdom Building and be of service to others!  That's where PCF comes in. 

This is what I want to do for you!  And ‘Yes’!  You can do it…if you want to and apply yourself!  All you need to be able to do, is to listen, learn and follow instructions when everything is laid out for you.

I like to live on a mountaintop in the heart of a tropical forest and have my coffee every morning surrounded by sunshine, lush flowers & foliage, exotic birds and butterflies and I can look down on the ocean beaches below.  I can do my business anywhere in the world and only have 2 requirements to conduct business.  I need only 2 things;

-    a wireless internet connection for my laptop, and
-    a hammock!

I want to share with you what I’ve been doing for the last 15 years, working from my hammock, which is what I do now, and how we can learn from that. We can duplicate that and put it to use for you.


What about You?

How would you feel if you had all of your family's primary and secondary needs taken care of?  Wouldn't you find true peace in your heart if you could even secure their futures with education, financial security, career opportunities and give them the luxury of working with you in your life mission or ministry sharing God's blessings with others? 

What would you do in the service of others, if you didn't have to work so hard and spend so much time just trying to make ends meet and survive?  How would it feel if you had the time and money to launch your own Kingdom Building 'Life Mission' that could reach out and improve the lifes of dozens or hundreds, or more?  

You know the stress and anxiety that is created when you have a hard enough time just trying to get through the day's demands and can't even think about the future!  That's no way to live.  We are here to prosper, be the salt and the light and to be strong in our service to others.  This is our destiny!  This is our Mission!   This is our Obligation and Responsibility!  If you are not living with this POWER, something needs to change!

How long will you continue on the same path you're on before you're ready to make a quantum leap?  Are you ready to reach for it? 

Here’s How to Get My Help For Free…


I’ve set aside some time over the next few days to speak with only a few people who are serious about making a change and doing some serious Kingdom Building.   My schedule fills up fast, so it’s first come, first served.

On our call, I will lay out the preliminaries of a plan to help you do ANY or ALL of the 3 things I mentioned above.  

This plan is going to enable you to hit your business and income goals which will then launch you into Phase II which is your true Life’s Mission as a Kingdom Builder, being of service to others…

…all while working less than you are right now.

It’s a bold promise, but after doing this in one way or another for 15 years, I’ve gotten the hang of it and I’d like to see others living the lifestyle of freedom and service that I am right now.  

I’m very proud to say, that “I haven’t had a ‘job’ since 1991 and I wouldn’t take one if someone offered it!”  Time is short in this world and we have a lot of work to do to help others who are in desperate need of the blessings of Jesus the Christ.  We can’t always be as effective working for someone else in as we can be using leverage working for ourselves.

My stuff works.  I’m a living testimonial and now I’m willing to start teaching my secrets and the results of years of trial and error and share that experience with whoever will listen and put it to work for themselves.

This is NOT for Everybody.

Here’s Who I Can Help...


I’m very picky about who I’ll spend time with, and I have a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed:

1.     We are Purpose Driven and our purpose is to help build the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.  That drives everything we do.  Therefore, your belief system should be in harmony with the gospel of Jesus the Christ and you believe that “God the Father sent his only begotten son to shed his blood and die for our sins so that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have life everlasting”.  If not, then this is not for you.

2.    You MUST be an action taker and be willing to make decisions, follow instructions, be self directed and take personal responsibility for the results you achieve in life. You are only able to solve problems when you ‘Take Action’ and nobody is responsible for the results you achieve in your life, other than you yourself.   I am willing to show you what to do and how to do it, but I will not ‘Do’ it for you or have people complaining when it actually feels like ‘work’ and they don’t get the desired results immediately.  If you like to ‘kick tires’ to ‘check things out’ or sign up for programs and then forget about them without following through, then this is NOT for you.  I’m intent on working with people and maintaining a 100% success rate.  Your success is very important to me and I won’t waste my time with people who are not 100% motivated and committed to getting their own results and success.

That’s it - If you meet both those requirements, we’re good.

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next:


If you meet my criteria above, and you’d like to talk about getting some incredible results in your life, then I’ll happily set aside some time for you.

Schedule an appointment to speak with me using the Green Button on the bottom of your screen, or  you can Click Here.  It’s very fast and unobtrusive.

I just need to know what you’re doing now with your time and energy and what you want to accomplish.  With that, I can work on your plan. 

If we are a 'fit' with common values and direction, I'll invite you to a FREE Webinar I'm hosting soon and that will help us put all the pieces together on your plan. 

That’s it!

The initial call will go only about 30 - 45 minutes, and it will be the BEST time you have EVER spent working towards economic freedom and becoming a true KINGDOM BUILDER!